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Williams Valley Family Farm Eggs One Dozen
Williams Valley Family Farm Eggs One Dozen

Williams Valley Family Farm Eggs One Dozen

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Chickens are on pasture for most of the year. When the weather does not permit grazing on fresh grass, they are given the option to go in the large barn and given non-gmo, no soy feed. They are never caged, or given any antibiotics.

Williams Valley Family Farm

What year were you established?  2015

Specific Breed of Animal: Cows are Jersey/Jersey X ;  Chickens are Novegen Red Sexlink      

Organic(certified or organic practices)? We are not certified organic. However we avoid using any pesticides on our pastures and livestock. We feed only hay that has not had chemicals applied to the crop or that is certified organic.

100% Grass-Fed? Cows- Yes ; Chickens- On pasture during the growing season and fed sprouted barley during the winter! Types of grass are ryegrass, brome, orchard grass, fescue, timothy, native grasses, blue grass, clover, alfalfa, oat hay or other cereal hay

Where does your feed come from? All chicken feed ingredients are grown locally in the inland northwest. Laying hens are outside on movable trailers during the summer where they can forage on pasture as much as desired

Non-GMO? Yes

Soy Free?  Yes

Antibiotics used? None in our production animals, i.e. milking cows or laying hens.

If yes, how long do the animals with antibiotics used stay out of the milking process or quarantined from the other part of the herd? We have at times used antibiotics on a heifer but have maintained a one year window between treatment and production.

What type of things do you do to create a low-stress environment for your animals? Work the animals in a calm manner without a lot of pressure. Give them plenty of room to move around. And keep there bedding fresh and clean as well as giving them opportunity to go outside- cows, year around & chickens, when the weather is commodious.

Any type of technology used that differs from a normal farm? We use a fodder system to grow sprouted grains in a controlled environment so that our chickens can have green grass all year around.

A2? 100%

Anything else you can tell us about what you do specifically on your farm that makes you stand out or that you do differently? We have no outside hired help but are family owned and operated. We also do not use any chlorine for pre-sanitation of milking equipment. We have found 34% peroxide to be very effective without the negative chlorine residuals and the associated decomposition of pipeline components.