All products are ordered for Pick Up Locations in the state of Washington. We do NOT do home deliveries at this time. Orders need to be placed according to the cut off times on the calendar based on where you will be picking up your order. All auto order change requests need to be entered into the system by Thursday evenings as they are automatically processed Friday mornings at 3am.

Pick Up Locations

Below are the list of our pick up locations. No need to contact the host or us before placing your first order. There is no fee to sign up and no commitment to purchase to be part of a group. There is a $2 fee per online order to help with credit card processing since we are selling you the milk at the same price as what we sell it to the stores for. Pick up your products within a 6 hour time frame(or less) to ensure quality unless you have made prior arrangements with the host. 

We will send you the address, pick up time frame and contact info you need in a separate email after placing your first order. If you have any questions, please call us at 206-920-0666 or email us at

Find out how our pick up locations work and FAQ at the bottom of this page.


Location Delivery Day Pick up after: Closest intersection or landmark:
Alger Every other Tuesday 11am Please contact us
Bellevue Every Thursday 12pm(noon) 168th Ave NE & NE 30th St
Bothell Every Thursday 3:30pm 228th St SE & 53rd AVE SE
Cle Elum  Every other Monday 4pm Jeb's Pet Store
Ellensburg Every other Monday 2pm Brick Mill Rd & Schnebly Rd
Issaquah (Looking for new site)

Every Thursday

3pm 156th Ave SE &SE 240th St
Kenmore Every other Thursday 2pm 7950 NE 195th St
Kirkland Every Thursday 1:30pm 84th Ave NE & NE 139th St

Every Tuesday

1pm 52nd Ave W & 192nd St SW
Renton Every Thursday 2:30pm Renton Ave S & Beacon Way



Every Other Thursday 3:30pm 192nd Ct E & 106th Ave Ct E



Every Thursday 2:30pm Off Avondale 1 mile north of Redmond PCC
Sammamish Every Thursday 11am Near Ebright Creek Park
Shoreline Every Tuesday 12pm (noon) N 185th St & Densmore Ave N
Tacoma Every Wednesday 2:30pm S J st.


Every Wednesday 12pm

NE 139th Ave

NE 179th St.



How do I join a Pick Up Location?

There is absolutely no cost to join a group and no commitment to buy. Locate the group closest to you from the list provided and place your order the Friday before you would like the milk delivered. We can help you get started in joining the existing group which does not take much except for knowing when to place your order and being able to pick up within the designated time frame. And, if for some reason it doesn’t work out with the group that’s already been formed, you can always look for another one or start your own.

How will I pay for my Pick Up Location order?

Payment is required (using a credit/debit card) when your order is placed online.  This will save your driver and Host the hassle of collecting any money for the group.  No extra fees should be added by the host Pick Up Location.

How are orders placed?

Pick Up Location members will simply place their order and pay for their milk at the Online Store by the determined order cut-off date. No money will have to be exchanged or carried - the driver will just drop off the group's order within the specified drop off time.


Anyone looking for:

  • The highest quality fresh foods available that you can trust and that has been produced according to the highest standards.
  • Milk that is added hormone-free, antibiotic-free, locally-produced, grass-fed on a family farm, raised naturally and sustainably.
  • Produce where we either know the farmer personally or have visited the farm to ensure the quality and practices.
  • It can be a convenient, affordable and personal way to buy your products from the farmer who raised it.


Just about anywhere in the Puget Sound. If a Pick Up Location does not exist in your area, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you get one started.  In most cases, we have lists of people who have expressed interest in joining together with other people to form a group in their area.

How do I start a new Drop Location?

We need to physically visit the potential site and meet with the potential host(s). The minimum purchase to get a delivery is at least 12-15 gallons each time. The host earns free milk depending on size of the delivery to their drop point. The more in your group, the more free milk you will earn!  If you are interested in starting something in your area, in most cases we have a list of people who have expressed interest in being notified if a groups starts up in their area.

Is there a minimum order requirement to become a Drop Location?

The minimum order quantity is 12-15 gallons or combination of products every delivery.

What are the host’s responsibilities?

  • To bring together friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and others interested in grass fed raw milk or our other products (using this web site or us personally as a resource for information).
  • You are NOT responsible for "selling" the milk.  If interested individuals have questions about the milk or our other products, encourage them to contact us directly and we can answer their questions.
  • To communicate with 3LPFF as needed. For example, to confirm quantities ordered by your drop off club prior to pick-up date to ensure that you have the space to store it at the appropriate temperature until your group members can pick it up.
  • To contact members (if needed) on occasion, delivery delays during the harsh winter months or if an order is not picked up within the acceptable time frame.
  • Keep the milk cool. Milk is to be stored in temperatures maintained between 34 – 38 degrees at all times.
  • If your group wishes to create your own system for communication/networking, order deadlines and pick-up reminders amongst yourselves, you are encouraged to do so.