Orders are available for pickup at local Drop Locations in Washington State (no home deliveries). For TUES, WEDS, THURS Drop Locations, place orders and subscription order changes on Wednesday nights for the following week's delivery to the Drop Location you choose at checkout. For MONDAY Drop Locations, orders need to be placed/changed 2 cutoff Wednesdays ahead (about 12 days). Orders can only be placed for the next upcoming pickup day for your Drop Location. Your Drop Location's full address, your Host's contact info and specific pickup instructions will be emailed to you the day before your pickup day. READING ALL INSTRUCTIONS in the info email IS REQUIRED for pickup at your Drop Location.

Drop Locations/FAQ

ORDERS MAY ONLY BE PLACED FOR THE NEXT UPCOMING PICKUP DAY (6-8 days ahead for Tues, Weds, Thurs and 12 days ahead for Mon pickup days)

Below is the list of our Drop Locations. No need to contact us before placing your order and there are no sign up or shipping fees. There is a non-refundable $2 processing fee per order. (If you place an order and then cancel it, this fee will not be included in the refund.) Orders must be picked up by 8pm on pickup day unless you have made prior arrangements with the host to keep your order cold for late pickup. Picking up after 8pm on pickup day runs the risk of your order having quality or availability issues, and that is your responsibility.

The pickup instructions and full drop location address are sent in a separate email (the day before pickup) after placing your order. IT IS REQUIRED to read and follow ALL pickup instructions. *Pickup day, location and timeframe could change with short notice if a situation arises that necessitates it. ALWAYS check your emails for info and updates.

Find out how our Drop Locations work and FAQ at the bottom of this page.
Location* Pickup Day* Pick up timeframe* Closest intersection or landmark:
Alger Every other Tuesday 11am-8pm Please contact us
Battleground Every other Wednesday 3pm-8pm NW 8th Ave
Bellevue Every Thursday 12pm-8pm 168th Ave NE & NE 30th St
Bothell Every Thursday 10am-8pm 228th St SE & 53rd AVE SE
Cle Elum  Every other Monday 4pm-8pm Perry Ln
Ellensburg Every other Monday TBD Please contact us
Enumclaw Every Wednesday 3pm-8pm Clovercrest St
Issaquah TBD TBD Please contact us

Every Thursday

3pm-8pm 156th Ave SE &SE 240th St
Kirkland Every Thursday 9am-8pm 84th Ave NE & NE 139th St

Every Tuesday

1pm-8pm 52nd Ave W & 192nd St SW
North Bend TBD TBD Please contact us
Renton Every Thursday 2pm-8pm Renton Ave S


Every Other Wednesday 4pm-8pm 106th Ave Ct E


Every Thursday 11am-8pm Off Avondale 1 mile north of Redmond PCC
Sammamish Every Thursday 1pm-8pm Near Ebright Creek Park
Seattle Every Thursday 3pm-8pm Roosevelt Neighborhood
Shoreline Every Tuesday 2pm-8pm N 185th St & Densmore Ave N
Tacoma Every Wednesday 8am-8pm 50th Ave E


Every Wednesday 2pm-8pm

NE 139th Ave & NE 79th St.

Zillah Every other Monday 4pm-8pm E Zillah Drive

How do your Drop Locations work?

  • A residence or business hosts a place for us to drop off a whole group of customer orders in one neighborhood.  All of the customers come to that place to pick up their orders. You are not required to contact the host before placing your first order. Choose a location at checkout.  

How do I join a Drop Location?

  • There is no cost to join a drop location and no commitment to buy. Create an account, choose the Drop Location you prefer at checkout and place your order by Wednesday evening the week before you would like to pickup your order. Monday drop locations run every other week, and need to be placed two Wednesdays before the Monday delivery (about 12 days in advance).

How are orders placed?

  • For Tues, Weds and Thurs drops, place your order by Wednesday evening about a week (5-8 days ahead depending on what day your drop runs) before pickup day, and Mon drops place orders two Wednesdays before Monday pickup day. Pay using your account with our Online Store. No cash is exchanged or carried - the driver will just drop off the group's order within the specified drop off time for each location.
  • No advance/ahead/future orders. Due to the nature of small family farm product availability, orders may only be placed for the next upcoming delivery to your Drop Location

How will I pay for my order?

  • Payment is required (using credit/debit card) when your order is placed online, about a week ahead of pickup at the Drop Location you chose. The only fee is a non-refundable $2 processing fee. There are no shipping/delivery fees and no Drop Location fees.

Why do you charge a non-refundable $2 processing fee?

  • We are a small family business and we travel all over the state picking up the best quality products.  Our margins are not that large. We sell our products to you at the same price we charge wholesale to our stores.  The $2 fee per order helps us with the order processing fees for the online portion of the business instead of marking up all of our products to the store price. If a customer places an order and then cancels it, the cost to process the order has already occurred, so a refund for an order canceled, even before delivery, will still not include the $2 fee.

How do I start a new Drop Location?

  • If a Drop Location does not exist in your area, contact us and we’ll be happy to look into helping you get one started. We visit the potential site and meet with the potential host(s). The host earns free milk depending on the size of the delivery. If you're interested in starting something in your area, in most cases we have a list of people who have expressed interest in being notified if a Drop Location starts up in their area.

Is there a minimum order requirement to create a Drop Location?

  • The minimum order quantity is about 15 gallons every time we deliver

How do I become a Drop Location Host?

  • A minimum of 15 gallons is required per delivery to start up a new location within the Puget Sound area. If you are in a rural area that is outside of our normal service area, it would require more. If you have already rallied your friends and neighbors to consistently order, please contact us so we can look at logistics to see if this will work for both of us!

What are the host’s responsibilities?

  • Understand how the cutoff time to get orders in for your drop works, the driver's delivery responsibilities, protocol for customer pickup, what to do if a customer accidentally takes the wrong product, and the refund policy
  • Ability to be flexible with delivery changes
  • Positive and helpful attitude
  • Be available in person or by phone to help customers find their orders
  • Store our cooler(s) at your location or provide your own
  • Clean the coolers or (outdoor accessible) fridge after each delivery day
  • Contact customers in case of delivery delays, issues with product delivery to the host's location, accidental customer pickups/swaps, or if an order is not picked up by the customer before 8pm on delivery day
  • Provide ice packs, frozen water jugs, etc to keep products cold. Milk is to be stored in temperatures between 34 – 38 degrees at all times 
  • We have a wonderful community of customers. If your group wishes to create your own system for communication/networking/sharing of resources, go for it!

I used to be able to place an order on your website using PayPal, why am I unable to choose this option?

  • Paypal has been difficult to work with-it never integrated well with our system. Paypal has also changed their policies in such a way that does not align with our values. 

How do I make changes to my auto order subscription?

  • We have a video here to show you how it works!
  • From any page on our website, click on the little person icon on the upper right corner of the page.  Use your email address and password to login to your account. If you're on a computer, click on 'Manage Subscription' (next to your list of orders) on the right side of the page above your name and address.  If you're using a cell phone, scroll down past the list of orders to find the "Manage Subscription" option at the bottom. This will open up the page of menu options for your subscription. You can edit quantity, remove items, change order frequency, pause your subscription, skip an order and cancel your subscription (scroll down towards the bottom for the cancel option). To change the drop location for your subscription, you must cancel the current subscription and start a new one, choosing your new drop location choice. To add a product to your subscription, make sure you're signed into your account, then go to the online store and click on the product you want, then select the option to add it to your subscription. The order dates on your subscription are the dates you card is charged/your order is created (NOT the pickup day). Subscription orders are created and your card charged around 2:30am Thursday mornings-please make your changes by Wednesday evenings. Orders are created Thursday mornings around 2:30am, about a week (5-8 days) ahead of your pickup day, depending on what day your drop location runs. Monday drop locations run every other week and require 12 days in advance to place an order or make changes to your subscription for it to apply to the next upcoming pickup day.

How do I add a one time purchase to my auto order for the upcoming week?

  • Login to your account, then go to the online store and find the item you would like to purchase. Click on 'subscribe to automated ordering' then two boxes will appear, click on 'add to existing subscription' box. Confirm that you want to add it to your automated ordering.  If you are only wanting that item for one week, go back to your manage subscription page, click on 'manage' then click on 'product(qty)'. Change the quantity of the item that you only want as a one time order to zero. Then click on 'order' to open up the window of all the different upcoming weeks. Choose the week that you would like to order that particular product and change the quantity to however many you would like. You can always keep that item as part of your subscription order, but the quantity at zero so if you would like it in the future, you only need to change the particular week's order. 
  • Here is a short video clip on how to manage your account online and add items to your online order. https://youtu.be/aaAkGShfvl0
  • If you're having trouble adjusting your order and need assistance, please email us by Wednesday afternoon (or earlier) and we can help you. 

I thought that subscription customers are billed on Wednesday night around a week before pickup. Why was I charged immediately for my first subscription order?

  • When you sign up for subscription/automatic ordering, it does charge your card immediately for your first order to ensure it is a valid card. For any future orders, they are billed around 2:30AM Thurs mornings, so any changes would need to be made by Wednesday nights about a week (5-8 days depending on your pickup day) ahead of your next pickup (Monday drops make changes two Wednesdays before pickup day-about 12 days).

Why is the order pickup date wrong or missing on the email I received for my order?

  • Our system is not very advanced so when you sign up for auto order, it will continue to show the pick up date of for the week of delivery that you initially signed up for on every subscription order that goes through. The delivery date will never change on an auto order. The auto order and the date pick up system have a hard time talking to each other and unfortunately this is a known glitch. The date pick up and auto order systems are made by two different developers and we have yet to find a person that does both systems that we need that will talk correctly to each other. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but please know that if you get the email on Thursday morning, your milk will be delivered the following week, unless you have a Monday drop, then you will get a confirmation email two Thursdays before your Monday pickup day. You will also receive an email the day before each pickup day with all the information you need to pick up your order at your drop location.

I am moving and want to pick up my milk at a new location. Can I move my subscription order to a new location?

  • Yes. Please cancel your subscription for your current location, and create a new subscription choosing your new drop location. Please update all applicable addresses and info on your account.

How do I cancel my subscription order?

  • Sign into your account, click on "Manage Subscription" and scroll down towards the bottom to the cancel subscription option. If for some reason you cannot access your account, please email us at least 48 hours before the next subscription order is scheduled to go through.  You will receive an email confirming your cancellation.

What if there is a problem with my order?

  • Verify the order on the order sheet at your Drop Location and check for any written notes about your order. 
  • If the sheet is correct, contact the host first for assistance in finding your product(s)
  • If the sheet is incorrect, do not take a different product, please contact us immediately

What if there is a recall on a product?

  • We try to be as transparent as possible-with the nature of the raw food business, we have to be prepared just in case there is a recall. If we are given information on an event and it has been confirmed, our goal would be to contact all stores and individual customers within 24 hours. We would cross reference the dates in question and email customers who have ordered directly from us and call stores to pull the product. A refund or replacement would be offered (once the event is over) to anyone who puts in a request.

What is your refund policy?

  • The $2 processing fee is non-refundable.
  • If you place an order by mistake or you change your mind and want to cancel an order, contact us ASAP before pickup day. If it was already delivered, it will not be refunded as the order has already been filled.
  • If you create a subscription by mistake, or skip the incorrect date on your subscription if you're out of town, etc, your order will not be refunded if it has already been delivered.
  • Any orders picked up after 8pm on pickup day are not eligible for refunds.
  • Picking up after 8pm on delivery day runs the risk of your order having quality or availability issues, and that is your responsibility.
  • Refund requests for quality issues are due the same day as pickup. Please include the order#, any applicable photos and email us at Zedwicks@3LPFreshFoods.com.
  • Our drivers document our deliveries with photos as well as order sheets-if any items are unavailable and not delivered, the order sheet and photos should reflect that and refunds processed automatically.
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