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About Us- The Zedwick Family and 3LP Fresh Foods

We are honored to continue what Ricky and Cindy Umipig began and are passionate about food that improves quality of life. We've personally experienced the power of how what you eat makes all the difference! Providing access to raw milk and real food from local farms is a way for us to bless and serve other families on a healing food journey.

 (Photos: Mowing at grandparent's family farm, enjoying homemade cottage cheese we made from Williams Valley raw milk, making brunost (Norweigan "brown cheese") from the whey left over from making the cottage cheese, and on a video call with a sweet goat from Lucky Hook!)



3LP Fresh Foods was originally created by Ricky and Cindy Umipig, along with their three littles. Here is their family's story:

Both Ricky and Cindy grew up in the Yakima Valley surrounded by the world of farming and agriculture.  They have seen both the conventional ways of farming and the organic practices farming first hand throughout the years. They married in 2003 and both had successful careers in management in the Seattle area. In 2008, Ricky became an employee of Pride and Joy Creamery which was a 100% grass-fed certified organic operation and was given the opportunity to branch off into his own business called Pride and Joy Puget Sound LLC in 2013. In 2017, we changed our name and started to add other grass-fed, non-GMO, no soy, no antibiotics, sustainable agriculture products to our line such as grass-fed goat milk, A2 grass-fed meat, raw cow cheeses and free range eggs.  We take great pride in knowing where our food comes from and either know the farmer personally and know their practices and have personally visited the farm and met with the farmers about their practices in great detail.  A majority of the farmers that we work with, we have known for quite a number of years and have visited their farms on multiple occasions.  While not all of our farmers are certified organic due to costs, we do try to provide products from farmers that have organic practices, use sustainable agriculture, as well as humane animal living conditions.

How did we get our name?

Our last name is Umipig, plus we have 3 young kids.  And the name Three Little Pigs Fresh Foods was born when we had our third child in 2016. Due to copyright concerns we have changed our name to 3LP Fresh Foods. Family is the most important thing to us, plain and simple.  We want to assure you that our family eats and drinks the products we provide to you.  If we would not give it to our own three little (Umi) pigs, why would we give it to yours?