All products are ordered for Pick Up Locations in the state of Washington. We do NOT do home deliveries at this time. Orders need to be placed according to the cut off times on the calendar based on where you will be picking up your order. All auto order change requests need to be entered into the system by Thursday evenings as they are automatically processed Friday mornings at 3am.




What is Raw Milk?

Raw milk is unpasteurized, non-homogenized milk directly from the source.  To better explain what raw milk is in detail please click here

Are the raw cow milks you carry A2/A2?

Dungeness Valley Creamery is now 100% A2/A2. There is no other farm in Washington that is tested and Certified to be 100% A2. Williams Valley Family Farm is in the process of becoming 100% A2/A2 with a goal to be 100% within the couple years.  We do not have an exact percentage(anywhere from 85-90%) at the moment as their herds fluctuate slightly with heifers and fresh cows but they are getting close to their end goal. 

Do we sell raw cream? 

Yes we do! Click Here to order!

Why isn’t my raw cream as thick as the cream I purchase in the stores?
Most pasteurized creams have a thickening agents and other bi-products added to it. Some of these may include(depending on the brand): Mono and Diglycerides, Carrageenan, Disodium Phosphate, Sodium Citrate, Polysorbate 80. 

Do we sell raw butter?

Unfortunately in the state of Washington with the current regulations, there is no one that sells raw butter in the state of Washington.

We are working hard to try and find a local producer for pasteurized, grass-fed butter. We have done extensive research on the one farm we sell from California but WE HAVE NOT PHYSICALLY VISITED THEM. We are also working with Lucky Hook Farm to produce goat butter! We will keep you posted of our updates through our Facebook page

Do you sell colostrum?

In the state of Washington you need a valid prescription written by a Doctor in order to purchase colostrum.  Once you have a valid prescription that is verified, you would have to contact the farm directly to obtain the colostrum. Unfortunately we can not sell it as a third party.

Why are your kefir grains free?

We have had these heirloom grains since 2003 given to us by Pride and Joy Dairy. We continue to keep them alive and they continue to thrive and grow. We didn’t pay for them, so you shouldn’t have to either. Plus the more grains we give out, the more raw milk you need to keep them alive! ;)

We ask our customers to recycle their small glass jars to us so that we can reuse to give out the kefir grains. If you have jars, please leave them in the cooler for the driver to pick up! 

Which milk do you think is the best and what is the difference between Williams and Dungeness? 

Williams is 100% grass-fed but only about 85% A2. Dungeness is now 100% A2. Some people care more about 100% A2 and other people want 100% grass-fed. We research and try everything before we choose to sell it to you.  Every farm is unique and has slightly different practices as well as feeds their animals slightly different diets. All of are farms are non-GMO, no soy, or antibiotics. Each milk does have a slightly different taste.  If you plan on purchasing a gallon, we suggest purchasing two half gallons of different farms, and taste test them for yourself.  We find that each person has different taste buds and will choose which milk they prefer for their family and it is not always the same milk.  That is why we give you the choice of different farms!

How long does raw milk last?

It is usually dated for about 10-12 days from the date of pickup. Some people  purchase half gallons versus gallons to keep them sealed for longer so that they will last. Once the container is opened, it does tend to go bad faster when it is exposed to air and other contaminants such as the germs on your hands when handling the cap. Another tip is to move it to a glass container with a tight fitting lid. If you are going to keep it in the plastic, we suggest shaking it so that the cream on the top of the lid is mixed in with the milk. Keep your fridge at no more than 38 degrees. We keep the milk between 34-36 degrees as the colder it is, the longer it will last. 

My milk tastes different, whats wrong?

All of our milk is kept between 36-38 degrees and the ice in the coolers should keep it within an acceptable range even when picking up later in the day. We also suggest keeping  your refrigerator at approximately 38 degrees or lower to keep the milk fresher for longer. The cooler the milk stays, the longer it will keep. When seasons change, it usually means the animals are transitioning to or from pasture and they are going through a feed change which could also be the difference in taste. The milk will have slightly different taste depending on the time of year (usually spring and fall when transitioning on and off of fresh grass) and the diet of what they are eating. If the change lasts, or sounds different than what we have described, please contact us!

How do your Pick up groups work?

In short, it is a residence or business that hosts a place for us to be able to drop off multiple customer's orders in one neighborhood.  All of the customers come to that place to pick up their orders. Please click here to see all of the FAQs for pick up groups and to find one in your area.  You are not required to contact the host before placing your first order. Just choose their location at checkout.  

Why do you charge a $2 pick up group / delivery fee?

We are a very small family business and we travel all over the state picking up the best quality products.  Our margins are not that large. We are selling our products to you as the same price we charge wholesale to our stores, you are not paying store mark up prices for our products.  The $2 fee per household per order helps us with the extra credit card fees for running the online portion of the business instead of marking up all of our products to the store price.

How do I become a pick up location?

We usually require a minimum of 15 gallons between all orders placed for your location every two weeks to start up a new location within the Puget Sound area. If you are in a rural area that is outside of our normal service area, it would require more. If you have already rallied your friends and neighbors to consistently order, please contact us so we can look at logistics to see if this will work for both of us!

I am trying to place an order on your website using PayPal but it won’t let me submit the order?

Please email us at right away and let us know you are having problems! Our software does not play nice with PayPal and we periodically have to reset PayPal on our side. We also would suggest clearing your browser cache as it sometimes keeps the old info. If you pay with a regular credit card, your order should go through fine. We continue to deal with the glitches with PayPal just because so many people prefer it and we want to be convenient but we have considered taking it out because of this bad customer experience on occasion. If this ever happens again, please let us know so we can reload PayPal ASAP.

How do I make changes to my auto order subscription?

We have a video here to show you how it works!

From any page on our website, click on the little person icon on the upper right hand corner of the page.  Use your email address and password to login to your account. On the right hand side, click on the 'Manage Subscription' on the right hand side of the page above your name and address and you can make any changes that are needed to your auto order. If you would like more specifics on the process, please call us at 206-409-3812 and we would be more than happy to walk you through the steps over the phone.

How do I add a one time purchase to my auto order for a particular week such as purchasing a box of meat?

Login to your account, then go to the online store and find the item you would like to purchase. Click on 'subscribe to automated ordering' then two boxes will appear, click on 'add to existing subscription' box. Confirm that you want to add it to your automated ordering.  If you are only wanting that item for one week, go back to your manage subscription page, click on 'manage' then click on 'product(qty)'. Change the quantity of the item that you only want as a one time order to zero. Then click on 'order' to open up the window of all the different upcoming weeks. Choose the week that you would like to order that particular product  and change the quantity to however many you would like. You can always keep that item as part of your auto order, but the quantity at zero so if you would like it in the future, you only need to change the particular weeks order.   If you would like more specifics on the process, please call us at 206-409-3812 and we would be more than happy to walk you through the steps over the phone.

There is a couple different ways you can do it. Pick whichever you feel most comfortable with. 
1. Here is a short video clip on how to manage your account online and add items to your online order. You can do it yourself if you would like. 
2. You can email me by the Thursday before and let me know what you would like added to your auto order and I will add it for that week. 
3. You can put in a manual one time order and we will refund you the extra $2 fee so that you are not paying it twice. We prefer not to do this consistently as it charges us extra per order but understand that it may be more convenient on occasion. 😊
More than happy to help however we can!

I was charged immediately for my first auto order. I thought that we were billed on the Friday morning the week before delivery?

When you sign up for automatic ordering, it does charge your card immediately for your first order to ensure it is a valid credit card. For any future orders, they are billed early Friday mornings so any changes would need to be made by Thursday evening. If you are wanting to add anything to your first order, please just let us know and we can manually add it and send it but not charge you until the second order goes through since your credit card has already been billed for this first order.

I have an auto order and the delivery date is wrong on the auto email I received for my order?

Our system is not very advanced so when you sign up for auto order, it will continue to show the pick up date of for the week of delivery that you initially signed up for on every auto order that goes through. The delivery date will never change on an auto order. The auto order and the date pick up system have a hard time talking to each other and unfortunately this is a known glitch. The date pick up and auto order systems are made by two different developers and we have yet to find a person that does both systems that we need that will talk correctly to each other. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but please know that if you get the email on Friday morning, your milk will be delivered the following week.

I am moving and want to pick up my milk at a new location. Can I move my auto order to a new location?

Our system is not very advanced so when you sign up for auto order, it will continue to show the same location as you originally signed up for. If you email us, we can update our records on the backside to ensure it goes to the correct location but you will always see the wrong location on your confirmation email unless you cancel your order and re-signup for a new auto order with the correct information for your current location. 

How do I cancel my auto order?
You can go online to your account and hit the cancel button. If for some reason you can not access your account, please email at least 48 hours before the next auto order is scheduled to go through.  You will receive an email confirming your cancellation.


What if there is a problem with my order or I have questions?

If there is a problem with your order:

  1. Verify the order on the pick up sheet and check for any written notes about your order. 
  2. If the sheet is correct, contact the host to verify the missing product and find out who may have accidentally taken the product. 
  3. If the sheet is incorrect, do not take a different product, please contact Ricky immediately at 206-409-3812 or to rectify the situation ASAP


What if there is a recall on a product?

We try to be as transparent as possible and that means in all situations having to do with your food. Unfortunately with the nature of the raw food business, we have to be prepared just in case there is a recall. Once we are given the information on an event and it has been confirmed, our goal is to contact all stores and individual customers within 24 hours. We cross reference the dates in question and then email the customers who have ordered directly from us and call the stores to pull the product. We offer a full refund immediately or replacement(once the event is over) to anyone who would like one, no questions asked.

What is your refund policy?

For quality issues, we guarantee a replacement of product at no charge. We will not refund you if there is a quality issue and you did not pick up your milk within the designated timeframe. If for some reason, you purchased a product and no longer want that product before it has been delivered, we will gladly give you credit for another item or refund your purchase price minus a restocking fee of 6% to cover our credit card charges from the website(3% purchase and 3% refund for a total of 6%).

How do I join a Pick Up Location?

There is absolutely no cost to join a group and no commitment to buy. Locate the group closest to you from the list provided and place your order the Friday before you would like the milk delivered. We can help you get started in joining the existing group which does not take much except for knowing when to place your order and being able to pick up within the designated time frame. And, if for some reason it doesn’t work out with the group that’s already been formed, you can always look for another one or start your own.

How will I pay for my Pick Up Location order?

Payment is required (using a credit/debit card) when your order is placed online.  This will save your driver and Host the hassle of collecting any money for the group.  No extra fees should be added by the host Pick Up Location.

How are orders placed?

Pick Up Location members will simply place their order and pay for their milk at the Online Store by the determined order cut-off date. No money will have to be exchanged or carried - the driver will just drop off the group's order within the specified drop off time.


Anyone looking for:

  • The highest quality fresh foods available that you can trust and that has been produced according to the highest standards.
  • Milk that is added hormone-free, antibiotic-free, locally-produced, grass-fed on a family farm, raised naturally and sustainably.
  • Produce where we either know the farmer personally or have visited the farm to ensure the quality and practices.
  • It can be a convenient, affordable and personal way to buy your products from the farmer who raised it.


Just about anywhere in the Puget Sound. Click here for locations! If a Pick Up Location does not exist in your area, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you get one started.  In most cases, we have lists of people who have expressed interest in joining together with other people to form a group in their area.

How do I start a Pick Up Location?

Anyone can start their own Pick Up Location and become the group “coordinator”.  Simply put together a group of friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers.  It can be as few as one or as many as you’d like as long as it is a minimum purchase of 15 gallons total for every two weeks. For every 20 gallons or combination of products dropped at your location, you will earn one free gallon of raw cows milk or one 1/2 gallon of goat milk for your efforts. The more in your group, the more free milk you will earn!  If you are interested in starting something in your area, in most cases we have a list of people who have expressed interest in being notified if a groups starts up in their area.  We would probably be able to help you increase your Pick Up Location group size – so contact us. If you currently outside of our current delivery area, please contact us as we may require a larger amount to start.

And, when you are ready, we will add your contact details to the website so others can contact you if they are interested.

Is there a minimum/maximum order requirement to become a Pick Up Location?

The minimum order quantity to become a Pick Up Location is 15 gallons or combination of products every two weeks.  Maximum?   How much can you store? Because members are not going to the farms to pick up, there is a $2 fee per household including the host to help with our fuel and labor costs to deliver the milk to your area. There is absolutely no other fees besides the $2 delivery fee and no obligation to purchase on a consistent basis. 

What are the coordinator’s responsibilities?

  • To bring together friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and others interested in grass fed raw milk or our other products (using this web site or us personally as a resource for information).
  • You are NOT responsible for "selling" the milk.  If interested individuals have questions about the milk or our other products, encourage them to contact us directly and we can answer their questions.
  • To communicate with 3LPFF as needed.  For example, to confirm quantities ordered by your drop off club prior to pick-up date to ensure that you have the space to store it at the appropriate temperature until your group members can pick it up.
  • To contact members (if needed) on occasion, delivery delays during the harsh winter months or if an order is not picked up within the acceptable time frame.

Helpful hints for coordinators and clubs members:

  • We have found that the 165 quart coolers found at Costco (retail $90) can hold 24 gallons of milk.  This is a very handy size for hauling large quantities of milk.  One suggestion is for groups to purchase one (or several) of these coolers to use at the drop off site. You can also find refrigerators on Craigslist for free. You are required that you somehow keep the milk within the appropriate temperature. (NOTE: Milk is to be stored in temperatures maintained between 34 – 38 degrees at all times.)
  • If large coolers are used, they will be very heavy when they are full of milk and ice.  It is recommended that thought be given to minimizing lifting and movement of the full coolers.
  • If your group wishes to create your own system for order deadlines and pick-up reminders amongst yourselves, you are encouraged to do that as well.
  • You will be asked to keep the coolers in clean and sanitary condition for proper food safety.

Still have questions?

To ensure that we are being the most efficient in answering your questions and taking care of any issue that may arise, please direct your inquiries to the correct person:

After the order has been placed/cutoff, all auto order questions, questions the day of delivery or after delivery questions please contact or 206-409-3812

Please Contact Us to see if we can help! We do prefer email but if you have an immediate concern, please call or text us!