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Raw Milk FAQ

What is Raw Milk?

Raw milk is unpasteurized, non-homogenized milk directly from the source.  To better explain what raw milk is in detail please click here

Are the raw cow milks you carry A2/A2?

Dungeness Valley Creamery and Williams Valley Family Farm are both 100% A2/A2. There are no other farms in Washington state that are tested and Certified to be 100% A2.

Do we sell raw cream? 

Yes we do! Click Here to order!

Why isn’t my raw cream as thick as the cream I purchase in the stores?
Most pasteurized creams have thickening agents and other additives to make them thicker.

Do we sell raw butter?

Unfortunately with the current regulations, there is no one that sells raw butter in the state of Washington.

Do you sell colostrum?

In the state of Washington you need a verified prescription from a Doctor to purchase colostrum, and you'd have to contact the farm directly.

Why are your kefir grains free?

We have had kefir grains for many years and they continue to thrive and grow in our kitchen, but we don't sell anything directly from our home kitchen, so they are our gift to you when we have them available and you add it to your order.

What is the difference between Williams and Dungeness? 

Williams is 100% grass-fed and 100% A2. Dungeness is 100% A2. Every farm is unique and has slightly different practices as well as feeds their animals slightly different diets. All of are farms are non-GMO, no soy, or antibiotics. Each milk has a slightly different flavor.  If you plan on purchasing a gallon, we suggest purchasing two half gallons of different farms, try them out and see if one is better for your digestion and your taste buds. Many families continue to order a variety every week. Each person has a different microbiome :)

How long does raw milk last?

It is usually dated for about 10-12 days from the date of pickup. Some people  purchase half gallons versus gallons to keep them sealed for longer so that they will last. Once the container is opened, it does tend to go bad faster when it is exposed to air and other contaminants such as the germs on your hands when handling the cap. Another tip is to move it to a glass container with a tight fitting lid. If you are going to keep it in the plastic, we suggest shaking it so that the cream on the top of the lid is mixed in with the milk. Keep your fridge at no more than 38 degrees. We keep the milk between 34-36 degrees as the colder it is, the longer it will last. 

My milk tastes different, why?

All of our milk is kept between 36-38 degrees and the ice in the coolers should keep it within an acceptable range even when picking up by 8pm. We also suggest keeping your refrigerator at approximately 38 degrees or lower, as the cooler the milk is stored, the longer the milk will taste fresh. When seasons change, it usually means the animals are transitioning to or from pasture and they are going through a feed change which could also be the difference in taste. The milk will have slightly different taste depending on the time of year (usually spring and fall when transitioning on and off of fresh grass) and the diet of what they are eating. If the change lasts, or sounds different than what we have described, please let us know.



Still have questions?

Please Contact Us to see if we can help! We do prefer email but if you have an immediate concern, please text us.