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Free Kefir Grains

Free Kefir Grains

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Free with any milk purchase on our website to pick up customers. While supplies last! Limit of 1 per household per 3 months.  Please do not put this item on auto order as it is not consistently in stock due to high demand.

Why are your kefir grains free?

We have had these heirloom grains since 2003 given to us by Pride and Joy Dairy. We continue to keep them alive and they continue to thrive and grow in raw milk. We didn’t pay for them, so you shouldn’t have to either. Plus the more grains we give out, the more raw milk you need to keep them alive! ;)

We ask our customers to recycle their small glass jars to us so that we can reuse to give out the kefir grains. If you have jars, please leave them in the cooler for the driver to pick up! 


Kefir instructions:

The kefir grains are in your jar with milk that I am sending to you.

You must keep the grains for each batch.

To do so:  strain them out of the milk  through a plastic strainer-not metal. Only use wood or plastic utensils.

Put them in a fresh clean jar of milk (about a cup of milk).

Let the jar sit for 12 to 24 hours out on the counter.  The time depends on how sour you can stand it.

The longer it sits out the more the lactose is dissolved but the more sour it gets. More like yogurt consistency.


Do not put a lid on while on the counter.  Use a coffee filter or paper towel with a rubber band so nothing gets into it.

Taking the grains out of the milk stops the kefir process.

Put the kefir- milk in the fridge and use as needed.

If you get too much kefir and do not want to make more for a while use a large jar of fresh milk and put your grains in it and seal with a lid. Stick it in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.  

To start again take the grains out and put in a fresh jar of milk and put it on the counter again.

Kefir care

The grains ( or yeast bacterial fermented starter) are the secret behind the drink.  The grains will last for years if treated properly.  

When you first get them they need to be taken out of their container and put in fresh milk.  Raw milk is preferred.  You must keep the grains for each batch of kefir you make by pouring the milk through a plastic colander to catch the grains.  Put them in a clean larger container preferably glass like a quart canning Mason jar with fresh milk. Though they come with a lid ( that was to keep the milk from spilling) DO NOT put a lid on it.  Instead put a napkin, paper towel or coffee filter with a rubber band securing it on top of the jar. This is to keep it clean from bugs, dust and molds.

Leave your jar of kefir grains and milk sit on the counter for 12, 24, 36, 0r 48 hours. You can stir it occasionally. The longer it sits out the more the lactose is dissolved but the more sour it becomes also.  It depends on how sour you want the kefir to beas to how long you let it sit out.  When it hits the tartness or consistency you want, place a strainer over a clean container and pour your kefir through it catching the grains so you can use them again to start another jar.

The quantities are approximate  -  1 to 2 tablespoons of grains per cup of milk 8 to 16 oz.  

The warmer the area the faster it works.  You will be amazed how fast your grains grow.  

Please always use a clean jar to start a new batch. If you want you can also run your grains under some cool fresh water to keep them from getting too strong a taste. Do not do this every time or your grains become smaller. They should be clumps.  

If you get tired of making it just fill a large jar with milk and pour your grains into it.  Seal with air tight lid and stick it into the fridge.  You can leave it there for 2 to 3 weeks.  To revive them just start the process on the counter again.