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Brier Patch Broccoli Microgreens Clamshell
Brier Patch Broccoli Microgreens Clamshell

Brier Patch Broccoli Microgreens Clamshell

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BROCCOLI MICROGREENS from local Brier Patch Farm -

Broccoli Microgreens have small, tender green leaves with a white stem. The flavor is that of a hint of fresh garden veg. They're great on any dish, pairing well as a garnish even on most desserts. The clamshell fits about 2.1oz of Broccoli Microgreens. Only wash right before use. Wet micros spoil much quicker. A brief cold-water soaking in a salad spinner with a gentle spin-dry is adequate. All greens are bottom irrigated, so no water touches the foliage at any point during growth. This mitigates disease vectors to which foliar water can lead and keeps them much cleaner in general. If kept dry and refrigerated, microgreens easily last 10-12 days from the harvest date (clearly stamped on each clamshell). 

Organic (certified or organic practices)? Although not yet technically “certified,” we use every method in line with organic practices. Absolutely no synthetics or biocides of any kind are used at any point in the preparation, production, and harvest of our crops. In fact, we strive to go beyond “organic” and incorporate regenerative practices, emphasizing a biological balance of our soils to help bring you the most nutrient dense and vital food we possibly can. We also have a fascination with biodynamics, which informs what we do for the farm and garden.

What do you do specifically on your farm that makes you stand out? All of our microgreens (as well as our field crops) are grown in a homemade soil mix that is teeming with the biology needed for the most robust and resilient seedlings. To preserve our soil’s biological profile, we irrigate with rainwater almost exclusively and apply home-brewed compost teas and extracts. We also create and recycle ALL crop waste and organic matter on the farm by making our own thermophilic compost as a key ingredient in our homemade soil mix. We hope to completely close this energy loop soon.

Safety Protocol:
All working surfaces and tools are sanitized beforehand using 4% food-grade hydrogen peroxide and hand-washing is strict and thorough.

All clamshell packaging is single-use compostable.