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Sierra Nevada Cheese Company Bella Capra, Goat Butter, Salted 8oz

Sierra Nevada Cheese Company Bella Capra, Goat Butter, Salted 8oz

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Bella Capra Goat Butter is made by churning fresh goat cream resulting in an irresistibly rich and creamy flavor.

We support local, sustainable family-owned agriculture by partnering with our neighboring goat dairy. The herd feeds seasonally on pasture expressly planted for their benefit. Sierra Nevada Cheese Company’s raw milk cheeses showcase the complex bouquet of flavor resulting from naturally-occurring healthy microorganisms present in our fresh milk.

Using milk in a raw state preserves its full, original nutritional value. Seasonal variations highlighted by raw milk accentuate a diverse range of flavors and positively enhance our artisan cheeses.

  • This 1/2 pound of butter is 1 cup = 16 tablespoons.

If an animal product is not Certified Organic or non-GMO verified, the animal may have been fed products that weren’t Certified Organic and weren’t non-GMO verified.


Keep refrigerated.


pasteurized cultured whole goat cream, sea salt