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Shrub Pineapple & Sage 16oz

Shrub Pineapple & Sage 16oz

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Pineapple & Sage Shrub

Pineapple and Sage Shrub takes you dancing on a Tuesday night, makes the best margaritas, and believes in treat-yourself vacations. We use Maui Gold pineapples straight from the fertile ground of Haleakala, Hawaii and earthy sage grown in Skagit County, Washington. This Shrub is juicy, full of life, and the best of the west. Whether you use our Shrub in a whiskey sour, a smoothie, or a tropical-inspired quick pickle, you’re sure to notice a boost in energy and a sunshiny state of mind! 

Ingredients: Organic raw apple cider vinegar (6% acidity), Maui Gold pineapple, organic cane sugar, organic honey, fresh organic sage. 

Dilute 10 times. Makes 32 8 oz drinks.


In an 8 oz glass with ice, add 1/2 oz shrub and top with sparkling water.

✓ Made with Washington State Organic & Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother (6% acidity)

✓ Hand crafted

✓ Support Maui farms

✓ Made with whole fruit and herbs

✓ Raw

✓ Living culture (with Mother of Vinegar)

✓ Vegetarian

✓ GMO Free

✓ Gluten Free

Online orders are made in Bellingham, WA using Hawaii grown produce. Made in Maui products are available in local Hawaii stores and restaurants.