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Shrub Ginger & Apple 16oz
Shrub Ginger & Apple 16oz

Shrub Ginger & Apple 16oz

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Ginger & Apple Shrub

Ginger and Apple Shrub brings everything you love about the Apple State into one elixir. Washington grows 2.5 million tons of apples every year, so of course we’ve picked the juiciest, freshest ones to represent our state. This Shrub is bursting with feisty ginger and local apples for making whiskey gingers, warming tonics, and unique marinades. Add a natural energy boost to your next trip to the park or aprés ski adventure! 

Ingredients: organic raw apple cider vinegar (6% acidity), organic cane sugar, organic apples, organic honey, organic ginger.

Dilute 10 times. Makes 32 8oz drinks.


In an 8 oz glass with ice, add 1/2oz Shrub and top with sparkling water.

✓ Made with Washington State Organic & Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother (6% acidity)

✓ Hand crafted

✓ Support Washington’s organic farms

✓ Made with whole fresh fruit and herbs

✓ Raw

✓ Living culture (Mother of Vinegar)

✓ Vegetarian

✓ GMO Free

✓ Gluten Free

We use whole ginger root for our infusion. Therefore a layer of ginger starch may settle in the bottle. Shake it and enjoy.

Made in Bellingham, WA using fresh local apples and apple cider vinegar.