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Samish Bay Ground Veal 1lb

Samish Bay Ground Veal 1lb

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We abide by organic regulations and standards, which require 100% organic feed, no hormones or antibiotics, etc. and we give our livestock plenty of access to outdoors.  When our fields are too wet, during part of the winter, we do keep the cows off the pasture.

Our steers are also raised on grass without any grain-finishing. We raise most of our own feed, putting up hay and silage for the winter.

Our pigs are pastured in the summer as well.

We think our animals have a wonderful life here on our farm. We invite you to visit and see for yourself!

Samish Bay Cheese
is owned and operated by Suzanne and Roger Wechsler. We farm about 200 acres in the northwest corner of Skagit County, Washington. On the dairy, close to Samish Bay and below Mount Blanchard and the Chuckanut Mountains, we have a mixed herd, mostly Milking Shorthorns, some crossed with Jersey, Holstein, or Dutch Belted. Our grass-green fields of the Skagit/Samish valley are in an environment well-suited to organic farming.

All of our milk, and only our milk, is used to make our cheese, yogurt, and kefir. We raise steers for beef and pigs for pork. Samish Bay Cheese is certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.