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Samish Bay Certified Organic Ground Beef 20lb box

Samish Bay Certified Organic Ground Beef 20lb box

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25lb box of ground beef. Packaged in a approximately 1lb plastic packages. $8.25 per lb


We abide by organic regulations and standards, which require 100% organic feed, no hormones or antibiotics, etc. and we give our livestock plenty of access to outdoors.  When our fields are too wet, during part of the winter, we do keep the cows off the pasture.

Our steers are also raised on grass without any grain-finishing. We raise most of our own feed, putting up hay and silage for the winter.

We think our animals have a wonderful life here on our farm. We invite you to visit and see for yourself!

Not available at Botany Bay Farms pick up location (Brush Prarie/Battle Ground)-available at all other locations for pick up