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Loki Wild Pink Salmon Whole Side Fillets

Loki Wild Pink Salmon Whole Side Fillets

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Pink salmon is the lightest, most delicate of the salmon species. They cook quickly and are incredibly tender. Their mild flavor takes on marinades and seasonings well, and is also delicious simply prepared with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Pink salmon whole side fillets average 1 pound each.  Skin on, boneless, and vacuum sealed.  Ships and stores frozen.

Loki's flash-frozen Wild Pink Salmon is harvested in Southeast Alaska.  Their boats go above and beyond the industry standard by bleeding, dressing and immersing each salmon in refrigerated sea-water within minutes of harvest.  This provides a consistent quality that is unsurpassed in the industry.  Each salmon is filleted and pin-boned by hand, vacuum-sealed to lock in freshness and quickly flash-frozen to preserve quality.