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Alexandre Family Farm Eggnog, A2A2, 100% Grass-Fed, Organic 28oz

Alexandre Family Farm Eggnog, A2A2, 100% Grass-Fed, Organic 28oz

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Alexandre's info about their eggnog:

"Starting with our organic, pasture raised eggs and adding in our whole milk, we’re able to bring you a delicious treat that is nutritiously indulgent. Only available during the fall and winter Holiday season, be sure to mark your calendar, because this is a special flavor to savor. We use a “low and slow” heating method when preparing our milk to harness all of the wholesome goodness in pasture-raised cow’s milk. Our cool, coastal climate provides green grass 365 days a year – a constant source of nourishment for our unique blend of crossbred cows and our milk.

  • Organic Certified
  • Kosher Certified
  • Grass-fed Certified
  • Humane Certified
  • Regenerative Certified
  • Ecological Outcome Verified

Our herd of cows only produces 100% A2/A2 organic milk: the digestible dairy. Over the past 2 decades we have been carefully cross-breeding our herd so our cows do not have the A1 protein that is linked to digestive issues. A2/A2 organic milk gives many people the freedom to enjoy real dairy again!

We farm on more than 4300 organic grass pastures on the northernmost coast of California where we grow grass 365 days a year. Our cows are grazing on this rich pasture for most of the year, except when they are sheltered indoors during the rainy season to protect them and our pastures. In the barns, the cows are still fed our harvested grasses. The result is deeply nutritious and delicious milk, cream and yogurt."


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