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Farmhouse Cream Cheese Organic 2lbs
Farmhouse Cream Cheese Organic 2lbs

Farmhouse Cream Cheese Organic 2lbs

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Sierra Nevada Organic Farmhouse Cream Cheese 2lb Tub: Handmade by our cheesemaker using locally sourced Organic milk, cream and sea salt, our Organic Cream Cheese does not have any preservatives or fillers. The old-fashioned-style cream cheese is vat-cultured, drained in muslin bags and hand rotated to produce a unique flavor and texture that your grandparents would appreciate. 
The traditional version has a rich flavor and creamy texture and is spreadably soft.
  • Certified Rotational Grazing, family farm, no more than 3 cows per acre, 300 days on pasture, 70% dry intake from Fresh Grass.
  • No rBGH. This cheese is made with milk from Certified Graziers cows not treated with artificial hormones.
  • Gluten Free


Organic Pasteurized, Cultured Milk & Cream, Sea Salt