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Graziers Raw Sharp Cheddar Grass-Fed 8oz
Graziers Raw Sharp Cheddar Grass-Fed 8oz

Graziers Raw Sharp Cheddar Grass-Fed 8oz

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Our Graziers cheese is naturally higher in omega 3s and CLAs. Their creamy texture is consistent with our traditional line of cheeses and is light on the palate. The Cheddar varieties feature the distinct flavors you expect with cheddar coupled with the unique twist of raw cheese.   

  • Certified Rotational Grazing, family farm, no more than 3 cows per acre, 300 days on pasture, 70% dry intake from Fresh Grass.
  • No rBGH. This cheese is made with milk from Certified Graziers cows not treated with artificial hormones
  • This raw cheese has been aged at least 60 days.
  • Gluten Free
  • Cream to Golden in Color
  • Cheese may be sliced or may also appear to crumble which is to be expected and part of the consistency.
  • *The Raw milk is heated to 135°

*Graziers products are Certified Graziers, meaning we are allowed to get a third party audit for our Graziers certified farmers. This way we are able to keep track that at least 70% of their dietary intake is live grass from pasture, and that the rest of their diet is made up of non GMO grains. We can also make sure that the cows are on pasture for at least 300 days out of the year and that the pastures they are grazing on, are being rotated properly so the grass has a chance to regrow with all the same lovely nutrients. With this certification we are able to more diligently keep track of what the cows are consuming, and we love that!


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