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Hogstead Farm

Hogstead pork is delicious and healthy as they use breeds that produce the darkest, richest meat with deep marbling. The fat from the grazed pigs and birds is also nutritious with a healthy omega fat profile. Unlike anything store bought, this meat is ultra-local, sustainably-raised, and always fresh. Support the local farm economy by trying our pork.

WSDA Certified Organic grazing pastures. Heritage breedstock kept on farm, raising their piglets in large farrow pens. Older piglets are raised with their litter mates until harvest time. All hogs and fowl are allowed to graze on forage crops most of the year. Certified organic and non-GMO feeds provided to all stock. No GMO's grown or fed. No antibiotics or hormones used on butcher pigs. Humane practices used for all animals. Sustainability practices emphasized, including on farm composting and limited off-farm inputs. 

Not available at Botany Bay Farms pick up location (Brush Prarie/Battle Ground)-available at all other locations for pick up

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