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Pride & Joy Raw Montasio Cheese 1/2 lb

Pride & Joy Raw Montasio Cheese 1/2 lb

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Pronounced Mon-tah-see-yo, this is an old Italian monastery recipe. When aged for 8 weeks it has a creamy texture, but after a year of aging it develops a sweet, caramelized flavor.

All of our products come from 100% Grass-fed, A-2 Beta Casein Bred cows. All Pride and Joy cheeses are made with care at Brush Creek Creamery in Idaho from Pride and Joy raw milk.

-All Cheese is made with raw, unpasteurized milk -Aged 120 Days -Never heated over 100 degrees -Microbial rennet used so that it can be eaten by vegetarians, Jewish, and Muslims

Cheese wheels are hand cut to approximately 1/2 lb each ranging from 0.46-0.56lbs